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All of our teachers are trained musicians, actors and dancers who play real instruments and have a passion for working with children in their early years. Our public drama, music and dance classes in Melbourne are run by Nisha Sparkles.


Nisha Sparkles is a professionally trained actor who loves to sing and dance.  A 2016 graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, she spent 7 years living in Melbourne, as well as a brief stint in the States. She’s worked in film, theatre (musical and otherwise), and has even recorded voiceovers for Amazon’s Audible!  Nisha plays the ukulele and is in the process of relearning the piano.

As a child, Nisha was incredibly quiet and shy. Her worried parents put her in music and drama classes – and now she’s an actor who makes friends with everyone!  Nisha knows first-hand the power of the arts in empowering children and loves being part of each child’s little journey.  Nisha Sparkles loves that everything you give a child, you get back tenfold!

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We also provide music, drama and dance classes for local Early Learning Centres.  You can find out more about our services for Early Learning Centres here.