The Sparkles Team

At Lucy Sparkles & Friends we believe in quality and not quantity.

That is why we have a small but highly experienced and talented team. All of our teachers are qualified and professional musicians, dancers and actors with a passion for working with children in their early years. We all have Working With Vulnerable People Registration.

Are you sick of supposed music teachers that just press play on a CD player? Or drama teachers that simply act out a story? If your answer is yes, book a free trial with Lucy Sparkles & Friends today and meet one of our sparkly experts. You want the best for your children and so do we! To find out more about our teachers, please read below:

Behind the Sparkles

  • Lucy Sparkles

    Lucy Sparkles

  • Dani Sparkles

    Dani Sparkles

Head Sparkles

  • Ginny Sparkles

    Ginny Sparkles


  • Amy Sparkles

    Amy Sparkles

  • Annie Sparkles

    Annie Sparkles

  • Cathy Sparkles

    Cathy Sparkles

  • Grant Sparkles

    Grant Sparkles

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Lucy Sparkles

Creative Director & Founder

Lucy Sparkles / Lucy Sparkles and Friends

Lucy Sparkles walks to work with a smile on her face every day because she knows of the joy that drama, music and dance can bring into a child’s life. Lucy Sparkles has been enhancing the lives of children through drama, music and dance since 2002. From teaching music, drama and dance to children of all ages, to performing classical guitar; from playing Princess Jasmine in Aladdin, to writing children’s songs and plays; from drama workshops for children with special needs, to directing her own children’s musical… Lucy has done it!

Lucy is a professional singer and songwriter with a BA (Theatre)(Distinction) from Charles Sturt University in Australia, a Higher Diploma in Guitar Performance from the Academy of Contemporary Music, a Diploma from the London Music School and a PPC In Early Childhood Music (Kodály) from Roehampton University.

Lucy established Lucy Sparkles & Friends in London in 2009.  Since then, the company has expanded to include three London based franchisees, one Canberra based licensee and a subsidiary company in Singapore.  Lucy has a young daughter, Issy, who loves attending mummy’s classes.

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Dani Bizley

Business Manager

Dani Bizley - Business Manager

Based in London, Dani looks after the operational side of the U.K. business and provides support to our Singapore and Australian business owners.

Dani grew up in Kent in a family where everybody sang all the time.  She studied flute and violin at school and went on to sing with the University of London Chorus, Music in Offices and the Hummy Mummies.  Dani is now a member of the Lewisham Choral Society, with whom she has performed at many events including the Paralympic Opening Ceremony.

After studying at Kings College London, Dani worked in events at the Royal Albert Hall.  Shortly after the Independent newspaper declared that “food” was “the new rock and roll”, she moved into a career in food and events management in the City.  Dani worked for blue chip clients in banking, oil and the media, starting in hospitality services and progressing to administrative, commercial and ultimately operational management for client food services.  Throughout her food service career she supported bids for new business and mentored peers on financial performance, accurate account keeping and business compliance.

Dani is a mother to two girls who both love singing and Lucy Sparkles’ classes!  She is passionate about the role the performing arts can play in developing children’s confidence and character and says, “teaching a child to join in with a song or to play a rhythm or a tune in a group lets them really feel that they are a part of something, and gives them the opportunity to experience recognition for that achievement.”

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Ginny Sparkles

Business Owner & Head Sparkle, Canberra

  • Ginny Fairy

    Ginny Fairy

Ginny Sparkles is passionate about helping small children to express themselves creatively through the performing arts. She believes that by engaging in creative play such as singing, dancing and pretending, small children develop stronger physical, emotional and social skills that help them to relate to each other and the world around them.  Ginny absolutely loves seeing little faces come to life when the music starts to play!

Ginny is a theatre director and has been working with young children as a teacher and entertainer for nearly ten years. She graduated from NIDA in 2010 with a Postgraduate Diploma of Dramatic Art (Directing) and has also completed a BA (hons) majoring in Theatre and Film from ANU.
Ginny also performs regularly with the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

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Zoe Sparkles

Music, Dance & Drama teacher and Party Entertainer, Canberra

  • Zoe Sparkles

    Zoe Sparkles

Zoe has worked as an actor in Canberra for several years and has years of experience and training in performance and live theatre.
Most recently, Zoe toured to France and Brisbane with Pigeonhole Theatre Company for their production of Playhouse Creatures.
As well as acting, Zoe is a trained visual artist and graphic designer which makes her a popular choice for face painting. She is passionate about her work with Lucy Sparkles and Friends and has discovered a love for the energy and creative thinking that come with live children’s entertainment and early learning.

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Leilani Sparkles

Music, Dance & Drama teacher and Party Entertainer, Canberra

  • Lani Sparkles

    Lani Sparkles

Leilani is a passionate and inspiring vocalist. Currently, she spends her time perfecting her talent at ANU’s School of Music in a Bachelor of music Jazz Performance Degree, and honing her art as a singing teacher, songwriter and performer across Canberra. Leilani loves to share her passion for music with others!

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Cathy Sparkles

Music, Dance and Drama teacher, Canberra

Cathy has worked professionally with various theatres around Canberra as a director, producer and performer. From 2007-2013 she co-directed Improvised theatre company ImproACT. As a performer she has been in shows with have toured nationally and in 2015, she represented Canberra at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival with her music comedy duo, Sparrow-Folk.

When she is not teaching drama to 4-6s or touring with Sparrow-Folk, Cathy performs with the Starlight Children’s Foundation within The Centenary Hospital for Women and Children.

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Grant Sparkles

Music Teacher and Party Entertainer, Canberra

Grant is a Canberra-based singer, songwriter and actor. He is currently completing a Bachelor of Music at the ANU School of Music. When he is not teaching or performing he works for the Starlight Children’s Foundation as a Captain Starlight at The Centenary Hospital for Women and Children.