Ukulele and Musicianship

What are Lucy Sparkles & Friends ukulele and musicianship classes for kids like?

Our Ukulele and Musicianship classes are held in Australia and employ both Kodály and Dalcroze principles.  Your child will learn how to play the ukulele and develop a solid foundation in musicianship and singing through fun songs, games, movement and rhymes. These 45-60 minute lessons are for children aged 4.5 – 8 years old.

While every lesson is different, we apply the same fun, thoughtful and tested structure to each weekly session in order to establish a comfortable and friendly environment for children. All of our music teachers are professional musicians who play real instruments.

How will my children benefit?

What does this course cover, and how will my children benefit?

  • Strumming basic chords
  • Plucking
  • Finger dexterity
  • Tuning the ukulele by ear
  • Singing in tune
  • Pulse/beat
  • Rhythm
  • Understanding of rest
  • Pitch awareness
  • Tempo (fast/slow)
  • Dynamics (soft/loud)
  • Musical memory
  • Musical Notation



Who are our ukulele and musicianship classes for?

  • Kindergarten
  • Primary 1
  • Primary 2

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Ukulele and Musicianship Classes in Australia