Baby Bumble Bee – NEW video!

This month Lucy Sparkles sings ‘Baby Bumble Bee’ with some of her little friends from Friday morning music at Punk Me Up Café in East Dulwich. Click ‘show more’ for learning outcomes and musical aims, further activities and to see our alternative bee friendly lyrics.

Learning Outcomes:

Physical development (to develop coordination and control of upper body movements through actions and to build the parent/child relationship through tickling, bouncing and singing), Understanding of the World (to develop skills in technology through using YouTube as a tool for learning), Expressive Arts & Design (to develop the ability to sing and move rhythmically and to encourage imaginative movement).

Musical Aims:

Pulse (to feel the pulse through actions) and listening/aesthetic experience (to sing along with a live instrument).

Activities for ‘Baby Bumble Bee’

Babies: Grown ups bounce babies on their laps to the pulse and tickle their tummies on “ouch” for first verse. Hold babies hands and help them to do horizontal alternate clapping to the pulse as though “squishing up” the bee for the second verse. Stroke the child’s legs, alternately to the pulse for third verse and give them a cuddle at the end of the song.

Toddlers & Pre-schoolers:

  1. The children take an ‘imaginary’ bumble bee each and put it into their hands. Sing with actions. Mime cupping a baby bumble bee in hands, which move from side to side to pulse for first verse. Quickly pull hands apart on, ‘Ouch!’ Horizontal, alternate clapping to pulse for ‘squishing up’ the bee. Show hands for ‘Eeeew! It’s yucky!’ Wipe hands on trousers to the pulse for third verse. Palms facing out for ‘look all clean’. Practice saying the spoken parts two or three times in between each verse as the children enjoy saying these words.
  2. Instead you can discuss how we need to protect bees as they help the environment and sing the alternative bee friendly lyrics below.

Alternative bee friendly lyrics

I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee… Ouch it stung me! (actions same as in original lyrics)

I’m telling off a baby bumble bee… Oh no, he’s sad! (moving pointer finger to the pulse to ‘tell off’ the naughty bee)

I’m letting go a baby bumble bee… Now, he’s free! (actions as indicated)


I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee,
Won’t my mummy be so proud of me.
I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee.
(spoken) Ouch! It stung me!

I’m squishing up a baby bumble bee,
Won’t my mummy be so proud of me.
I’m squishing up a baby bumble bee.
(spoken) Eeeew! It’s yucky!

I’m wiping off a baby bumble bee,
Won’t my mummy be so proud of me.
I’m wiping off a baby bumble bee.
Look, all clean.

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