Why Enrol your Infant or Young Child in the Performing Arts?

Happy New Year Everyone!

Wow, what an exciting few months we have had since we moved to Canberra in October 2016!

We have attended lots of unforgettable birthday parties and sold out our very first 3 hour Canberra Holiday Dance/Drama Workshops for 4-6 years. Annie Sparkles and I were so blown away by the creativity and focus of every single child that attended those workshops and can’t wait to hold more workshops in the Easter Holidays!

At Lucy Sparkles & Friends, our focus is on early childhood learning and development. While it is widely known that the creative and performing arts have a significant role to play in helping small children develop social skills, physicality and emotional expression it is perhaps a lesser known fact that an introduction to music, dance and drama from an early age helps children develop an early understanding of literacy, numeracy as well as enhancing the ability to engage, focus and remember.

There is a lot of great information out there on the impact of creative arts in the early years. To start with, I recommend this short article from Ausdance on arts in the Early Years Learning Framework.

Each year we see shy children become confident collaborators as their love for music, dance or drama is nurtured and it is watching this that makes going to work such a joy for me and all of the Sparkles team. All complete Term One class bookings come with a detailed document linking each activity we do to Early Learning aims, so parents are in formed on why each an every activity is included in our curriculum and can follow their child’s development over the course of the term.


Very exciting News!

Out timetable is finalised and we are now taking bookings for Term One classes! To view timetable, see information on pricing and to book a term ticket, visit our website.

All of our class venues meet the Lucy Sparkles standard of being lovely, community buildings that are clean, close to shops, have great facilities and ample parking.


If you would like to book a free taster class for your child, please email

A bit more about our classes:

Music- 30 minute classes that include a capella singing games, action songs, rhymes, parachute play, listening and moving to live and recorded music and playing along on percussion instruments. All activities linked to Early Years Learning Framework, taught by trained musicians and no two lessons are the same.

Dance- 30 minute classes that include a warm up, locomotor movement and exercises to improve finger dexterity, a choreographed dance, action song, work with props and a warm down. All activities linked to Early Years Learning Framework, taught by trained performing artists and no two lessons are the same.

Drama- 45 minute classes in which we take children on a journey to an imaginary land called Storyland where they explore stories and themes through child-led activities, whole body movement, imaginative play, poetry, song, masks and storytelling. All activities are linked to Early Years Learning Framework aims and no two classes are the same.


That’s it from me for now. I hope to meet you and your child at a class or party one day soon!


Warm regards and many sparkles,


Ginny Sparkles xx



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