What are the benefits of music classes for babies?

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Happy New Year Everyone!

We’re getting very excited about Term One 2018 over here at Lucy Sparkles & Friends Canberra.
Our January Holiday Program is underway and our teachers are starting to delve into their lesson plans for next Term One.

We’re over the moon about our new found relationship with gorgeous children’s boutique Wolfie in Manuka and THRILLED to announce that we will be holding Baby Music classes in their beautiful space on regular Friday mornings starting in February.

We all already know that babies respond to music basically from the time they are born. As babies grow, music starts to bring them more joy as they start to find their own little voices and begin to have more control over their limbs.

Participating in music classes help babies develop a preliminary understand of the foundations of music. When babies shake a shaker with the help of their carer, they are able to feel the pulse of a song. As they grip onto the edges of the parachute and move it up and down they build strength, dexterity and coordination while also learning about pitch and the concept of ‘up’ and ‘down’. These are just two of SO many examples of ways each activity helps with development. Music classes also helps babies develop and understanding of language and has been shown to improve their memory. The Guardian has a great article on some of the benefits of music classes for babies and I definitely recommend giving it a read if you get a chance.

One of my favourite things about Baby Music classes personally, is how they can be such a powerful bonding activity for babies and their carers. I love seeing how children watch their parents and carers closely, listen to them singing and observing their actions with careful attention and often with pure joy. 🙂

Our baby music class in Manuka also includes a 15 minutes ‘play time’ at the end where babies can listen to music, roll around on the blanket, get to know each other and have a play with some special baby sensory play toys.

To book a spot for your child in Friday morning Baby Music in Manuka or in our Toddler Music (1-3 years) in Harrison, please visit our ‘Find a Class’ page.

It’s worth mentioning of course that babies are not the only ones who benefit from music classes! It’s a great social activities for parents as well!

I look forward to seeing many of you and your little ones soon for Term One. 🙂

Warm regards and many sparkles,


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Introducing Lucy Sparkles Canberra!

Ginny Sparkles

Hello everyone! I’m Ginny Sparkles and I am so excited to be bringing the magic of Lucy Sparkles & Friends to Canberra and Queanbeyan!

As someone who has worked in the performing arts and in children’s entertainment for six years, I know the value of creative experience in the life of a child. I have seen first-hand how drama, music and dance can help bring a child to life and out of their shell. As well as this, it is now widely known that by engaging in the performing arts from a young age, children will develop cognitive, physical and social skills more aptly and with greater confidence.

At Lucy Sparkles & Friends Canberra, all of our teachers are performing artists with a passion for working with small children. Our curriculum has been created with reference to early learning education aims and developmental milestones and is expertly delivered with the use of live instruments and quality equipment by our professional and sparkly teachers.

Lucy Sparkles & Friends birthday parties are truly unforgettable and can be tailored to meet the wishes of you and your child!

Music, dance and drama classes will be starting in the New Year, so if you are interested in enrolling your child, please register your interest as soon as possible.

The great news is that we are currently taking bookings for our super sparkly, unforgettable birthday parties! To learn more about our parties and to make an enquiry visit our party page.

For updates and to see what else Lucy Sparkles & Friends Canberra has in store, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

Lots of love,

Ginny Sparkles x

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